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Saturday, July 9, 2011

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rEady fOr whAt ?


hi guys ! lame xdgr citer kn ? hoho

btw , da lame xupdate blog nie . da brsawang agknyer . ehehe

pape pon tenkiu kt kwn2 y sudi sggah kt cni

t sue bwk citer y bez2 tuk d kongsi k ?

but bt mase skg mmg xley nk ber'blogging' sgt

byk citer y nk d story kn

since blik cuti akhir sem lepas ag

nk citer kt korg ape y sue bt mase cuti skali ngn ank2 buah

so awesome lar ! hoho

k lar . next time k ?

papai ! ^_*



  1. ini olang manyak bz wooo..

  2. cik zaza : ready 2 have a new post after get new header ! ehehehe

    alyea : ye la . sy kn the most busy girl in the world ! ahahaha